Hello Kremmling dancers! Are you ready for a new season of dance, music, excitement & fun?  Well, here we are and here we go!! Our 37th year of Canepa Dance in Kremmling! Who's counting?! This legacy & tradition certainly is  something to celebrate and I'm thrilled to see all your beautiful faces (and happy feet) once again!

Registration is on Friday January 11, 2019 at the Bumgarner Building on the square in Kremmling!

Registration is on Friday January 11th, and is the only day we SWAP SHOES!! So, If you're hoping to be a part of that, start looking under your beds and find last year's shoes!  I will only take shoes that Canepa Dance carries, and slightly used (like 2-3 seasons and in good shape! If the patent leather is scraped off, or your dog got ahold of them, please gift them elsewhere 😜😜🙄😏. Bloch & Capezios are always of value.

Registration Schedule:

9:30-11:00am  Middle School & High School (New & returning students)
11:00-12:00pm  3rd-5th Grades
12:00-1:00 pm  K-2nd Grades
1:00-2:00pm  Ages 3 + 

For those new to our school, we offer a 14 week program, measure and order costumes right away, and perform our spring show twice in back to back performances (Saturday evening and Sunday Matinee)at the West Grand High School Auditorium in May.  Our spring recitals in 2019 will be on Mother's Day weekend. We will send notices home about cancellations for spring/winter school breaks.

We offer combination classes in ballet, jazz, hiphop, lyrical and tap.  The youngest ages study ballet and tap, move into jazz, then hiphop, and become more proficient in tap .  In middle school we begin to push lyrical, but keep hiphop, musical theatre, and tap on the front burner.  We provide well rounded dancers that learn music, rythmn, theatre, choreography, and to dance!

I expect dancers to arrive in time for class dressed in dance wear, hair pulled back, phones in airplane mode, with your shoes (no shoes=no dance). Visitor's day is the last Friday of each month starting in February.

Start stretching now, dancers! See you soon! Love, shuffle & a hug, 

Miss Bertie ❤️

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High School Combo
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Middle School Combo
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4th & 5th Grade Combo
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2nd & 3rd Grade Combo
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Kinder & 1st Grade Combo
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Pre-K Combo Ages 3 as of 9/1/18
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